Building the Future of BLOCKCHAIN

Colorado prides itself on community and we're excited to announce that our state has one of the largest blockchain communities in the world. Whether you're interested in meeting fellow enthusiasts, investors, and developers; Colorado has a lot to offer. We invite you to join our MeetupsFacebook Groups, and Slack Community.


A Meetup covering blockchain in the Rocky Mountain region

A Meetup for blockchain technologists in Boulder, Colorado


A Meetup for Ethereum enthusiasts in Denver, Colorado

A Meetup for Ethereum enthusiasts in Boulder, Colorado


A Meetup for Hyperledger enthusiasts in Denver, Colorado

Another Meetup for enthusiasts in Boulder, Colorado

Facebook Group

One of the most productive ways to possibly use Facebook is by joining the community with other fellow enthusiasts.

SLACK Community

Our community is migrating all the meetup attendees (Boulder Blockchain, Ethereum Boulder, Ethereum Denver, Hyperledger Denver, and Rocky Mountain Blockchain) into one slack channel. Click below to join the Slack Community.

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