Co-Working Focused on Blockchain


Colorado is a hotbed of technological innovation. We also are on the forefront of thought leadership in new organizational structures and business models to build a better world. As blockchain has emerged as the “next big thing”, entrepreneurs and technologists from all over the front-range believe that a decentralized world is possible with this technology. We aim to make this a reality.

 Coworking at Enterprise


The Collaboratory is a place where anyone from the “cryptocurious” to the “experienced solidity dev” will be able to connect with like-minded people, share ideas, learn from each other and collaborate on projects.



A "Collaboratory" is more than an elaborate collection of information and communications technologies; it is a new networked organizational form that also includes social processes; collaboration techniques; formal and informal communication; and agreement on norms, principles, values, and rules.

 Enterprise Meeting Room
 Community working together


Build. Ideas are great. But the world doesn’t change on ideas alone. We must put these ideas to work. The Collaboratory is a “get s*!t done” type of space.

Learn. Building leads to learning. The Collaboratory is a place for learning. We are offering and facilitating educational curriculum on a periodic basis to enhance the mindshare of our community.

Grow. Learning leads to growth. Our community, our teams and as individuals. We seek to grow our community by being a leader in project execution and collaboration.

Share. As you go through your journey remember to give back. Focus on what you can give, not just what you can get.


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