Moving the State Forward

The Colorado Council for the Advancement of Blockchain Technology Use was created and appointed by John Hickenlooper and continued by Governor Jared Polis to assist the state in meeting the challenge and promise of blockchain. The Council will recommend a comprehensive legal framework to support blockchain technology that considers potential applications and boundaries of the technology and protections for consumers. The Council also will recommend guidelines for relevant agencies concerning policies that will allow for the natural evolution of this young and promising technology, while simultaneously ensuring protection for data and consumers.

Want to join the council meetings?

The Council Meetings, as well as Working Groups, are open to the public and are approximately every two weeks. The meeting times and dates will be posted on the Choose Colorado website.

Council Members

Working Groups

Blockchain Day at the Capitol


General Regulatory Environment

Banking Services


Government Use Cases OF Blockchain


Banking Regulations


Money Transmitting


Token Definition


FinTech Point of Contact


  • We want people to support the workstream in which they have the most interest/expertise.

  • Please only commit if you (or your company) can provide 3-4 hours of work/week.

  • Constructive participants will be invited to continue contributing to working documents.

Get Involved

We encourage the community to get involved and support the Council in their work.

For more information and to be added to the Council updates list